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Although we may squeeze in another show or two (sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Facebook to make sure you don't miss out on a last minute booking), with Columbus Day behind us we have to accept that the official "2018 Summer of Fun" is behind us.  We have enjoyed every minute spent with our incredible long-time fans and wonderful new friends.  Your enthusiasm always gives us the inspiration to "kick it up a notch" each time we get to put on a show for you.  We look forward to next summer where, together, we can once again create the magic of a satchelboogie show featuring some of the best talent around collaborating and improvising on classics, contemporary and original music in the most exciting and creative ways.  See our "Videos" tab to get just a taste of the fun and mad musical skills.  Also, check out the "Music" tab to keep your satchelboogie groove going during the long winter months ahead.

We want to send out a special thanks to Billys by the Bay in Greenport as well as JT's on The Bay in Blue Point and The Hamlet in Hamptons Bays for being particularly spectacular hosts this summer.  These very special venues provide the perfect fun and friendly backdrop to our memorable shows.

One last thing for now... don't forget to follow Two From Five featuring two of satchelboogie's anchor band mates, Troy Diaz and Heather Wallis.  Heather and Troy make incredible music together with their band Two From Five. Check out their Facebook page for a link to their latest outstanding collaboration... and maybe catch them live this winter.


Latest Track

This track, I'm On My Way (a.k.a. From Sunrise to Montauk Highway), is our most requested original.  To hear more satchelboogie originals go to our Music page, and to get a taste of some of the energy of a satchelboogie show, go to our Videos page.


We hope everyone has had as much fun as we have this summer.  We have loved every minute seeing our old friends and making some new friends at each of our satchelboogie shows. We may have a surprise gig in the coming weeks, but unless that happens, SEE YOU NEXT SUMMER and have a wonderful winter!!

Steven and the rest of the satchelboogie family.